Sebastian Eisenberg is a California-born illustrator and graphic designer currently working out of Antwerp, Belgium. He is one-third of Millihelen Design, a creative studio in Antwerp he founded with his partner, Lara and their their 11-year-old Border Collie / Lab mix named Mies. 

Sebastian traces his artistic roots back to his Grandfather, who (among a multitude of other trades) hand-embroidered denim for his own apparel company. From a very young age, his Grandfather's designs inspired Sebastian to create. Initially driven by a desire to create custom skate decks, he fell in love with skate and street art culture in college. With stencils, spray paint, and other mixed media, Sebastian began to explore his artistic identity. 

After pursuing a variety of other passions, Sebastian eventually came back to art when he quit his job(s) managing two restaurants to go back to grad school.